Music’s energy unites humanity the world over. Datta Yoga Centre, UAE, invites you to soak in some cosmic melodies during the Meditation Music Program, titled as Poorna Chandra Raga Sagara at Dubai Opera on Friday 19 April.

Sri Swamiji, a Nada Yogi, performs on the synthesizer. One of the foremost violinists in the world, also an acclaimed composer, Dr. L. Subramaniam is a guest artist. Accompanying them are the renowned percussionists, Pundit Anindo Chatterjee on Tabla and Vidwan V. Suresh on Ghatam. The Celestial Music Troupe complements the ensemble. The mystical nature of Sri Swamiji’s music creates not only melodic harmony, but also generates harmony between the human mind, body, and soul. Sri Swamiji’s Music for Meditation has its origin in the ancient traditional Raga Ragini system of India. His music brings to the listener a unique experience of inner peace. It leaves the audience with soothing vibrations and a relief from stress. He has conducted research in Spiritual Music Therapy and the use of Nada for the general welfare of humanity and his research involves the sciences of music, astronomy, yoga, and anatomy. It has lead him to develop this successful technique of spreading Happiness and Wellness through his own specialized genre of music.

Sri Swamiji has performed over 300 music concerts across the globe in the most prestigious venues, such as the Royal Albert Hall in London, Sydney Opera House, Lincoln Center of New York, The Esplanade in Singapore, and the Lyric Theatre in Johannesburg.

Poorna means full. Chandra is moon. Raga is a musical scale. Ragas emerge from pure sound, Nada, like waves. Sagara means ocean. Hence, the name Poorna Chandra Raga Sagara for the concert taking place on a full moon night. The phrase “Ra Ga Sa Ga Ra” is a palindrome coined by Sri Swamiji to symbolize the yogic representation of the Human Life Cycle. Sri Swamiji is a prolific composer, with over 3,000 song lyrics authored by him in several languages with devotional or philosophical themes.