In a fantastic celebration of music from South Africa, the brilliant singer-songwriter Ard Matthews of Just Jinger will share the spotlight with the rock band Watershed on Dubai Opera stage on Thursday 18 April 2019.

As the front man of Just Jinger, Ard’s indelible lyrics and melody arrangements led the way to the incredible success of their debut album “All Comes Round” becoming one of the bestselling albums of all times in native country South Africa.

Since their breakthrough single in 2000 ‘Indigo Girl’, South African rock icons Watershed have built their way up to be one of the most decorated bands to come out of South Africa. Their distinctive melodic guitar sounds blend with singer Craig Hinds’ sultry voice. The audience can expect radio singles like ‘Indigo girl’, ‘Fine way’ and ‘Letters’ as well as songs from the new album Harbour.

Watershed and Ard Matthews will both perform one night only for a unique act of South African talent.