One of the Arab world’s biggest pop icons, Amr Diab, is bringing audiences in the UAE a chance to see him live at a white-themed concert. See the superstar perform a catalogue of his top tracks at Dubai Media City this March, from the soulful classic 'Tamally Ma3ak' to dance number 'Nour El 3ain'.

Amr Diab is one of the most acclaimed recording artists in the Arab world and across many Mediterranean countries. He's a musical innovator, father to a unique sound termed "Mediterranean Music” and one of the first artists to popularise music videos in the MENA region. While his debut album Ya Tareeq (1983) put him under a bright spotlight in the Arab world, it was his 1996 album Nour El Ain that brought him incredible celebrity amongst non-Arabic speaking audiences. The Egyptian star is an uncontestable king in the industry and continues to impress audiences with chart-topping hits and record-breaking sales.